personal branding photography of a lady reading a book

“Rosie is brilliant. Her sensitive and knowledgeable approach to getting underneath the skin of what I do prior to the shoot meant that she created photos that really represent my brand. I am NOT good at having my photo taken, but on the day, her calm manner and focus put me at my ease and she managed to produce some exceptional photos which have been praised by many of my business contacts..” Pippa

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Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography is more than just headshots. Personal Branding is about allowing potential clients to get to know you and your brand – who you are, what you do, WHY you do it, making it much easier for them to approach you and make that initial contact. After all, it’s much easier picking up the phone to someone you know, rather than a stranger isn’t it….?!

Together we create a bank of fabulous pre-prepared images that tell your individual brand story – your values, your vision, your colours, your personality – which you can reach for on a daily basis for all your website and social media needs. Saving you time, stress, money and ultimately helping your brand to grow.

For more information about how it all works feel free to get in touch for an informal chat.

Browse example client galleries below and learn more about how we worked together…

Pippa – Bid Writer, Pipster Solutions

brand photography of a lady holding a coffee mug

Michelle – Illustrator, Miche Scribbles.

brand photography of a lady sat in a chair smiling

Sir Chris Deverell KCB MBE

brand photography of a man stood in the Royal Crescent in a suit

Millie – Seamstress, Little Acorn Makes

brand photography of a lady sat at the kitchen table

Clive – Training Manager, Planit Testing.

man in a checkered blue t-shirt
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  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-79-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-78-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-77-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-76-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-75-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-74-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-71-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-68-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-66-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-65-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-64-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-63-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-62-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-61-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-58-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-57-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-55-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-54-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-53-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-52-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-50-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-49-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-47-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-46-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-44-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-43-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-43-scaled (1)
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-42-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-38-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-37-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-36-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-35-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-34-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-33-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-32-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-31-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-29-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-28-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-27-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-25-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-23-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-22-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-21-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-20-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-18-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-17-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-11-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-10-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-9-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-7-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-6-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-5-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-4-scaled
  • Personal-Brand-Photographer-Bath-3-scaled
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-scaled
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-22-scaled
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-20-scaled
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-17-scaled
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-10-scaled
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-3
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-2-1
  • Commercial-Photographer-Bath-1
  • Brand-Images-for-website-84-scaled8
  • Brand-Images-for-website-84-scaled

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