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Your business is your baby, right? You regularly work until the small hours trying to put the right strategies into place to grow, trying to share your vision and burning passion with the rest of the world. But it can be a real struggle to convey just how amazing it is, your reason for being, or just how professional you really are, via images from your iphone or bog standard stock imagery. That’s where a professional Personal Branding Shoot can really make an impact in your business.

So…what’s it all about then?

Personal Branding Photography is more than just headshots. It’s about me spending time to really get to know you and your brand, what makes you tick, both from a professional aswell as a personal point of view. So that together we can create a bank of fabulous pre-prepared images that tell your individual brand story – your values, your vision, your colours, your personality, your WHY – which you can reach for on a daily basis for all your website and social media needs. Saving you time, stress, and money. Ultimately improving your relationship with your (potential) clients and helping your brand to grow.

Why choose me?

I am a friendly and approachable professional photographer with a 12 year marketing career under my belt and experience of working with many different clients both internationally and locally – from engineers to creatives. I love working with small brands, sole traders and entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses through introducing professional imagery – allowing them to show themselves in their true light, share their vision with the world, and transform their mindset to feel like serious contenders in the market place.

Let’s talk about how we can work together! Fill out the form below, and I will be in touch very soon. My brand shoots are on a limited basis, so do plan ahead and book in early.

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(CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing)

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“Rose was amazing. She brought out the perfect branding in my photos and even helped with ideas and revealed things I hadn’t even considered in branding Me. I am so pleased with my branding package and her professional but friendly and relaxed approach.”

Michelle – Illustrator, Mich Scribbles.

“Rose is brilliant. Her sensitive and knowledgeable approach to getting underneath the skin of what I do prior to the shoot meant that she created photos that really represent my brand . I am NOT good at having my photo taken, but on the day, her calm manner and focus put me at my ease and she managed to produce some exceptional photos which have been praised by many of my business contacts. My website looks amazing now I’ve included some of them, and I look forward to using more for future blogs, posts and marketing material. Thanks Rose!”

Pippa – Bid Writer, Pipster Solutions.

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